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'Arioi Access: your online training in Polynesian culture.

'Arioi Access, the first online video training platform on Polynesian and Tahitian culture. Do you dream of learning more about Polynesian traditions, as well as the history, customs and myths of Polynesian peoples: mā'ohi, maori, hawai'i…?
You are in the right place!
With our short-format learning videos (3-6 minutes), you will learn about the important themes of Polynesian culture: from the fundamentals to the "marae" and meeting the animal totems the "tāura", the Polynesian gods and heroes, the "heiva i tahiti", the history of Tahitian dance, the "ori tahiti" (dance steps, origins, anecdotes, interviews, etc.)

'Arioi.pf is a Polynesian culture training website that will introduce you to the history and traditions of our Polynesian ancestors. In addition, if you are a Tahitian dancer or dancer, 'Arioi.pf will help you better understand 'Ori Tahiti, like the greatness of a people who conquered the entire Pacific Ocean with remarkable ingenuity. !

The different online cultural training courses:

'Arioi offers you several cultural trainings:

  • The 'Arioi Access Program is a monthly commitment,
    which will allow you to know everything about Polynesian culture through more than 10 thematic seasons
  • 'Arioi Preview to discover 'Arioi: you will have access to the first 4 episodes of season 01.
  • 'Arioi First pack to try 'Arioi: you will have access to the 1st episode of the first 8 seasons.
  • Masterclasses of 'Ori Tahiti and other themes addressed by Hinatea Colombani


'Arioi aims to connect you to the traditions of Tahiti and its islands,
to transmit a lot of knowledge to you but also to connect those passionate about Polynesian culture with the fundamentals, the very foundations of Polynesian History: its customs, its myths and legends, its people, its “MANA”.

The 'Arioi Access' program

With the 'Arioi Access Program, we offer you a monthly subscription that gives you weekly access to:

  • a cultural learning video of 3 to 6 minutes, in French and subtitled (translation in French, English, Spanish and Japanese);
  • a synthetic training support that recalls the essential concepts covered in the video.
  • unlimited access to Masterclasses on specific themes.
  • a VIP pass for 1 seat per year (nominative and not cumulative)
    to participate in the two days of immersions for subscribers to the cultural center 'Arioi in Papara, Tahiti
    the first day at the period of Hura Tapairu (December) and Heiva i Tahiti (July).
  • And many more surprises...

The Values of 'Arioi


Passion guides us in our project with 'Arioi, it helps us to stay the course, it is what allows us to surpass ourselves and to invest ourselves fully in all the cultural initiatives that we undertake. Passion is our main driving force, and it is thanks to it that we try to create the most enriching Polynesian cultural experience!


It is towards the Polynesian culture of ancient times, and its evolution until today, that we have set our course. It is with enthusiasm that we eagerly seek to be able to retransmit the habits and customs of our ancestors as faithfully as possible.


More than two hundred and fifty years after the prohibition to practice Polynesian dances, songs and languages, we are proud today to advocate the democratization of Polynesian culture through “cultural e-learning” with 'Arioi Access. 'Arioi Mission is also part of this approach.


Our internal functioning, our projects and our activities are based on the principle of solidarity and social utility. Each year, 'Arioi Mission is committed to saving traditions, enhancing culture and transmitting it through solidarity actions. Each subscription = solidarity investment in the 'Arioi missions:
Cultural training in Ra'iātea
Ta'upiti 'Arioi, cultural mini-festival in Huahine

Learn Polynesian culture and Tahitian dance with Hinatea Colombani

'Ia ora na, How about learning more about 'Ori Tahiti & Polynesian culture?

Polynesian and proud of my country, my land and my ancestors. What I love above all is teaching and transmitting our traditions, our history, Tahitian dance and pushing my students as far as possible in their cultural discovery.

Learn and understand Polynesian culture with our cultural index

The ambition of 'Arioi is to promote the transmission of Polynesian culture in Polynesia,
in the Pacific and also around the world.
It is for this reason that, in addition to our training,
we offer a wide variety of free content on the arioi.pf site.
You will discover in particular through our Polynesian cultural index:

  • The Polynesian calendar which tells you the events and activities of the ancient Polynesians;
  • The division of time by the ancient Polynesians: Matari'i i ni'a, Matari'i i raro, Vaere'a marae, Parara'a Matahiti….
  • The different phases of the moon,
  • Cultural items;
  • Free learning videos
  • TV program capsules or our cultural actions at Fenua.


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Since 2020, arioi.pf has already trained more than 200 people in Polynesian culture. Many of them recommend us, and we hope to be able to count on you too.

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