Our History

The History of the 'Arioi Movement

Meeting with the founders of this online cultural project

It was in 2016 that the 'Arioi movement began with the creation of a Polynesian cultural center in the commune of Papara, in Tahiti. The 'Arioi cultural center is co-founded by a couple of enthusiasts, Hinatea Colombani and Moeava Meder. Hinatea and Moeava are deeply attached to Polynesian traditions: from craftsmanship to Tahitian dance, history and secular rites. Their objective is to democratize and promote Polynesian culture in all its forms and to engage in a process of strong artistic, cultural and sporting expression. Today the cultural center has achieved worldwide fame and welcomes different audiences around various cultural workshops. 'Arioi Access meets the founders' need for transmission. And especially during the global health situation of 2020. This online Polynesian culture program confirms the positioning of the 'ARIOI movement as a cultural facilitator.
New technologies are made available for this transmission.

E-learning de culture polynésienne et tahitienne

Polynesian and Tahitian culture e-learning

Le Centre culturel ’Arioi a eu beaucoup d’ impact depuis son lancement, et nous voulions aller plus loin et plus vite dans la transmission des savoirs traditionnel et culturel de Polynésie et plus précisément de Tahiti. C’est la raison pour laquelle nous avons décidé de créer cette formation en ligne: arioi.pf. qui est un véritable espace de transmission. Lancé en 2020, notre programme de formation ‘Arioi a déjà conquis plus de 200 abonnés, qui continuent pour la plupart à suivre nos vidéos hebdomadaires et saison après saison. Pour ainsi devenir de véritable ambassadeurs de la culture polynésienne.

Programme ’Arioi Access: Tout savoir sur la culture polynésienne

'Arioi Access Program: Learn all about Polynesian culture

The 'Arioi Access' program is organized into several thematic seasons.
Each season will allow you to discover in depth a major theme of Polynesian culture and history. A season lasts an average of 3 to 4 months with a rhythm of one learning video and cultural support per week. By subscribing to the 'Arioi Access program, you receive a new video every week (French voice; FR, EN, ES, JP subtitles) as well as synthetic training material (written in FR, EN, ES, JP) The seasons are independent of each other, however the 'Arioi Access Program has been designed to address the themes in a specific order for a better understanding of the habits and customs of Polynesian culture. Thus the learner immerses himself deeply through the themes: from the fundamentals to the Polynesian gods, through the "marae", the "tā'ura", the "heiva", etc.

Les différentes formations culturelles en ligne:

The different online cultural trainings:

'Arioi offers you several cultural trainings:

  • The 'Arioi Access Program is a monthly commitment,
    which will allow you to know everything about Polynesian culture through more than 10 thematic seasons
  • 'Arioi Preview to discover 'Arioi: you will have access to the first 4 episodes of season 01.
  • 'Arioi First pack to try 'Arioi: you will have access to the 1st episode of the first 8 seasons.
  • Masterclasses of 'Ori Tahiti and other themes addressed by Hinatea Colombani

But 'Arioi is also a cultural center

The cultural center 'ARIOI: Passion, Techniques, know-how and transmission at the heart of Polynesian culture. It was in 2016 that we imagined the cultural center. With its dance hall, its "paepae": a space for learning and sharing, its "fa'a'apu": the vegetable garden and the garden of plants useful for making flower crowns and "tapa", ancestral vegetable fabric, its kitchen and its entrance strewn with multicolored slippers… Rhythms that resonate between the wooden walls to punctuate our steps, life gently. This place where we place planks of wood, shells, raw materials attached to our land of Papara and Tahiti; It is above all a space for sharing, an artist's house, a family home. It is our "marae" of modern times, the cultural center 'Arioi is part of a philosophy of life and living together in Polynesia. Here we welcome, here we share.

'Arioi, let Polynesian culture be COOL, for everyone and everywhere!

The objective of our missions is to allow so-called excluded populations to reclaim gestures and reconnect with their culture through the cultural activities provided: "tapa", "rohipehe": traditional percussion, "'upa'upa": singing and acting in Tahitian, …
They can rediscover their history, their ancestors...
And anchor themselves deeply to their roots, to Polynesian traditions. With the aim of flourishing for Fenua and our modern society. Moreover, 10% of each subscription participate in the financing of these missions. So it's simple, you want to train, you subscribe and at the same time you contribute to the cultural transmission 'Arioi in our islands with children and adults in difficulty.