Arioi Access: Online training in Polynesian culture.

'Arioi Access is an online platform for training in Polynesian culture.

Video training on Polynesian and Tahitian culture

The 'Arioi Center has had a lot of impact since its launch, but we wanted to go further and faster in the transmission of Polynesian cultural knowledge.

This is why we decided to create with our partner and friend Peter Meuel, the online training platform for Polynesian culture:

Launched in 2020, our training program 'Arioi has already won over 200 subscribers, most of whom continue to follow our videos Season after Season.

'Arioi program: All you need to know about Polynesian culture!

The 'Arioi Program is a monthly subscription that gives you access to Polynesian culture learning videos organized in the form of thematic seasons.
A season lasts 3 or 4 months, and gives you access to a training video every week, as well as synthetic training material.

The Seasons address several essential themes of our culture, such as the Polynesian gods, the fundamentals, the marae, the taura, the Heiva, etc.

'Arioi preview: try our training without obligation

Not sure if 'Arioi is what you're looking for?

'Aita pe'ape'a, we thought of you by creating the 'Arioi preview offer which will give you access to a selection of interesting videos at a reduced price and without obligation.

New in 2022: the 'Arioi à la carte' Seasons!

Are you interested in a particular theme of Polynesian culture?

We thought of you and we now offer to buy access to an à la carte 'Arioi Season.

This product is of particular interest to 'Ori Tahiti troupe leaders or directors of Polynesian dance schools who wish to prepare the theme of their show as well as possible. And more broadly, it may interest people who seek to know an original theme of our beautiful culture.

Free content

The ambition of 'Arioi is to promote the transmission of Polynesian culture in Polynesia, in the Pacific, but also throughout the world.

It is for this reason that, in addition to our training, we offer a wide variety of free content on the site.

In particular, you will discover:

  • I'Ma'ohi Diary which lists all important cultural events for Polynesians;
  • Our section Polynesian Culture, which presents important cultural themes such as: the marae, the legends, the 'Ori Tahiti, the tuaro mā'ohi (traditional sports, the moons, the fa'a'apu and a lexicon of Tahitian words to know;
  • Interesting blog posts;
  • Free tutorial videos (one per season + a few bonuses);

And above all, if you like these contents, do not hesitate to share them around you!