Grow your Soul from the Heart

'Ei a'a,'ei reira ia tō 'ā'au 'e 'ī ai i te mau 'ā 'o tō hīro'a

Culture is expressing the future by celebrating the past.

This is the aim of our work: making Polynesian culture accessible to as many people as possible, children and adults,

the people of Polynesia as well as tourists, beginners to experts.

Join the ‘Arioi experience.



The ‘Arioi were praised in ancient times.

They were talented actors, dancers and storytellers. They were the masters of ceremonies and the holders of ancestral knowledges, they also had legendary sailing skills! We want to re-discover this heritage and make it available overseas, so our culture stays alive.

The symbol of the ‘Arioi was the red feather.